Field Trips

Field trips are open to anyone interested in birding, wildlife watching, photography and/or exploring Florida’s natural areas. Check the website for details, but in general bring water, hat, sunscreen, binoculars, and dress for the weather. Some trips are all day. You may need to bring lunch, etc. We often carpool, especially on the longer trips.  Gas money for the drivers is appreciated.

 Sept  18 (Sun) Audubon Park
Oct 10 (Mon) Washington Oaks
Oct 15 (Sat) Tomoka State Park
Oct 16  (Sun) Water Festival
Nov 4  (Fri) Lyonia Environmental Center
Nov 6 (Sun) Orlando Wetlands Park  (cycling)
Nov 19 (Sat) Lake Apopka
Nov 20  (Sun) Audubon Park
Dec 8 (Thurs) Blue Heron Boat Trip *
Dec 12 (Mon) Merritt Island
Dec 17  (Sat) Christmas Bird Count
Dec 18  (Sun) Audubon Park
Dec 30 (Fri) Lake Jessup Conservation Area
Jan 8 (Sun) Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge
Jan 12 (Thurs) Beachside Birding
Jan 14 (Sat) Lake Apopka
Jan  15  (Sun) Audubon Park
Jan 18  (Wed) Merritt Island
Jan 22  (Sun) Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge
Feb 4  (Sat) Orlando Wetlands Park
Feb 5  (Sun) Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge
Feb 12  (Sun) Big Day Birding
Feb 19  (Sun) Audubon Park  & Lake Woodruff W R
Feb  26  (Sun) Lake Apopka  (cycling)
Mar 4  (Sat) Princess Place
Mar 16 (Thur) Blue Heron Boat Trip *
Mar 19  (Sun) Audubon Park
Mar 20  (Mon) Lyonia Environmental Center
Apr 7-8  (Fri-Sat) Birdathon
Apr 16  (Sun) Audubon Park
Apr 19  (Wed) Alligator Farm  *
May 1  (Mon) Lake Apopka   (cycling)

*Requires reservations – Contact Eli Schaperow at 407-314-7965

Details of programs and field trips are found on the website and are subject to change, sometimes at the last minute. We will update the website as soon as we are aware of changes, but call Eli Schaperow at 407-314-7965, if there is any doubt.

Other activities may be scheduled throughout the year and will also be announced on the website.