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West Volusia Audubon Society December Meeting

In place of the regular December meeting, the West Volusia Audubon Society and our partners the Volusia Water Alliance and the Blue Spring Alliance invite you to attend this free Webinar.

Nothing About Florida is Simple:
Finding Common Ground Through Fair and Balanced Journalism

Registration is required:  Follow this link to Register

Florida is facing unprecedented environmental challenges. We see our state’s vulnerabilities in climate change, which manifest in climbing temperatures, rising sea levels, worsening storms and the spread of emergent diseases. Coupled with the pressures from unbounded population growth, increasing tourism, intensive agriculture, habitat fragmentation and myriad other factors, our state’s natural systems are in a precarious balance.

Now more than ever, Florida deserves a publication that contextualizes and casts a critical eye on the environmental issues characterizing our state.

Enter: The Marjorie, an online publication that fills the niche for in-depth, thoughtful and sustained reporting on the state’s environment and social justice issues.

Long after environmental stories are swept away in the daily news cycle, we strive to help Floridians better understand and find common ground on some of the most pressing environmental and social justice issues of our time. We do this by:

 We believe there is great potential for Floridians to become more connected through their care, concern and desire to protect the environment. In this presentation, we will share how we have worked to build and cultivate those connections through our storytelling.

The Marjorie Team

The Marjorie Team